Why We Are The #1 Agency SINCE 1980

Other Agencies often Copy what we say

Agency owners look at our site on a regular basis


Some Agencies try to look like us by changing one word

and using two of the three words of Our Agency in their names

Other Owners hope to copy our proven success


Still Others try looking and sounding like us

by doing all of these things, copying our words,

creating look a like and sound a like business names

and re-writing our words as their own. 


Amazingly, the name Bear, derived from this owner's given name

Barry Lewis, and his radio personality name, The BroadwayBear

is also often copied. Bears Best Bets can be heard every Saturday morning,

CBS Sports 790; 10:00am


Anyone calling himself Bear is NOT the radio host and/or owner of this, the most successful and Most Trusted Adult Entertainment Agency founded 1980


We Are "Often Copied .......... Never Duplicated!"


We are Copied in many ways, but THEY NEVER

uphold Our Ethics, Our Honesty or Our Respect

Venessa of Memphis Best Escort Service

Aapris/Best EntertainmentAgency

www.bestentertainmentagency.com, Best Memphis Escorts

is independent of all other agencies in Memphis and not associated with any other business. 


Any Attempts to Capitalize on our Established Names, A.AApris

Best Memphis Escorts or Best Entertainment Agency will be considered trademark infringement.




Be certain you are calling: 901-527-2460


The Oldest and Most Established Adult Entertainment Agency

providing Safe Honest Adult Enterrtainment in the discreet comforts of your own location for SINCE 1980.


A.AApris/Best Entertainment Agency and Best Memphis Escorts

Call 901-527-2460 in Memphis


Best Entertainment Agency www.bestentertainmentagency.com, providing Safe and Honest Adult Entertainment in the Discreet Comforts of your own location SINCE 1980

Call 901-527-2460 for the Genuine and ONLY

Best Memphis Escorts SINCE 1980!!

Removing the Word Agency from Best Entertainment Agency and adding the word Services, Removing the Word Best from Best Entertainment Agency or Rearranging the Words in Our Name Best Memphis Escorts is Intentional Exploitation of our Business Names and an act of Trade Mark Piracy

Only You can Protect Yourself!

Please report any agency, in any city, using our names without

the expressed consent of this parent agency.


ww.bestentertainmentagency.com Best Memphis Escorts has been providing Honest Adult Entertainment in the Discreet Comforts of your own location for over 33 YEARS, SINCE 1980.

www.bestentertainmentagency.com Best Memphis Escorts....The Oldest and most Exclusive Referral Service for lingerie Models/Escorts SINCE 1980, continues to hire only the Finest representatives of Safe, Honest Adult Entertainment at 901-527-2460

Proud of Our Own Name SINCE 1980, A.AApris/Best Entertainment Agency www.bestentertainmentagency.com; Best Memphis Escorts is the Only Safe, Reliable and Honest referral service for lingerie models & escorts doing business for over 33 Years.


Forget the Rest and Call the Best


Independent and privately owned since 1980.  Anyone using the name "Bear" with any other agency is not the owner of A. AApris, Best Memphis Escorts or Best Entertainment Agency. The name Bear has been used by this owner, in association with this agency, for more than 33 Years. Anyone calling themselves Bear in the Adult Entertainment Business, specifically the Escort/Model Agency Business in any area where we exist, is using the name to confuse and to capitalize on our success.


SINCE 1972

TheBroadwayBear first broadcast in Memphis in 1972.


Also known as The Bear, TheBroadwayBear

can be heard every Saturday morning on CBS Sports 790 at 10:00am.



founded 1980 


The #1 TRUSTED Agency For over 33 Years



Your #1 Choice since 1980






Though there are many escort services, only one has been called an Entertainmnet Agency. That is Best Entertainment Agency.

Anyone now calling themselves an Entertainment Agency has simply copied the essence of our name.


In addition, our other service, Best Memphis Escorts, is also being exploited in an effort to take advanntage of our success. Rarely does anyone promote as we do, naming our services Best Entertainment Agency and Best Memphis Escorts togehter. It is NEVER a coincidence when someone chooses to name two agencies in the same manner as we.


We are Best Entertainment Agency and Best Memphis Escorts


Many escort services go by many different names, but it is arguably Trade Mark infringement and certainly a question of ethics when Our Names are being used with only a slight change of a single word.  


It is NOT a coincidence when someone chooses to use four of the same six words in our two businesses. Choose your agency wisely. We have been providing

SAFE HONEST Adult Entertainment for over 33 YEARS.



DO NOT SUPPORT those who have a need to take and copy from others. 




A.AApris/Best Entertainment Agency


Best Memphis Escorts


Proudly works with all honest agency owners in an effort to keep dishonest people from infiltrating this industry. As you are aware, this is very difficult, as it is in all walks of life. We do the best that we can and need your help as well. 


We do not target any one agency and do not suggest any individual is dishonest or unethical. 


If our words, ad-lines and sentences are seen on other web-sites or used in advertisements by other agencies, it is a reflection on their lack of ethics. We proudly write everything using our own thoughts and vocabulary to express ourselves and distinguish ourselves from all others.


We only hire adults over the age of 21 and never approve of drug or alcohol use.


We proudly stand alone as one entity, not associated with others. This Agency is owned and operated by the same individual for 33 Years.


Our Reputation is Second to None and remains THE #1 TRUSTED and Most Successful Adult Entertainment Agency.


As the Owner, I want to thank all those who have remained loyal to our business for over 33 years. I pledge to continue to provide Safe Honest Adult Entertainment that you can Trust.  








In today's world, meeting strangers by way of the internet can be dangerous. YOU read of people robbed and killed after meeting someone they only spoke with by way of  the internet.


Dating sites are filled with independent escorts wanting to meet you.


What protection do you have?

So many supposed independents Are Not Independent at all. You've heard and you've read about women controlled by "pimps" who encourage their women to rob in order to support drug habits.




A.AApris/Best Entertainment Agency has been providing Safe Honest Trusted and Discreet Personal Entertainers for over 33 Years. As the owner, I take every pracaution to hire honest people. This Agency will not tolerate drug use or drinking, especially while representing A.AApris/Best Entertainment Agency.


The Ladies will spend the full amount of time with you and Never Demand More Money from You. Yes, gratuity is appreciated, just as it is for waiters, bar tenders, cab drivers or anyone in the entertainment/service industry. Never should anyone demand a tip for services. Our Ladies graciously accept any tips offered at the conclusion of their time with you.


Don't risk your safety.

Don't think you are getting a bargain when someone tells you they will see you for so much less. There is a reason someone is willing to quote fees so much less than others. Once inside with you, the trouble can begin.


Remember: A.AApris/Best Entertainment Agency has been owned and operated by one person for over 33 Years.



** 901-527-2460 **

You'll be Glad YOU did